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Highly Recommend Prestige Piano Moving!
“We recently had a piano moved by Prestige Piano Movers and it was a wonderful experience. Scheduling was easy and convenient (next day), the mover was punctual and very professional. I would highly recommend Prestige Piano to anyone in need of piano moving services.”

-Craig K.
Piano Owner

Excellent Piano Movers!
“Contacted Prestige Piano Movers about picking up an antique baby grand piano in Dallas, TX The two movers who delivered the piano were excellent and very friendly. The piano was wrapped and secured very well, and arrived in great condition. Very pleased so far! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have a piano moved.”

-Christina G.
Piano Owner

Piano Moving and Tuning!
“Prestige Piano delivered a piano to my house. They were here when they said they would be and it was so quick for them to get the piano into the house and put where we ask them to put the piano. They came back in about 2 weeks to tune the piano. They were here, got the piano tuned and out again in no time. It was a great experience.”

-Sandy F.
Piano Owner

Great Service!
"Prestige Piano picked up a piano that was being donated to the Church from a member. His service was excellent, timely, courteous and prompt. He was in and out quickly. He will be coming back to do the tuning. We will use Prestige again.”

-Susan Tomlinson
Piano Owner

Piano Moving and Tuning
“Prestige recently tuned my new baby grand piano. They have tuned our pianos many times. I have also purchased a piano from them and had them move a piano. They are very knowledgeable and have always provided great service. They always makes us feel like a special customer. VERY HIGH rating from us!!”

-Athena Chavez
Piano Owner

What Makes A Good Piano Mover?
We’ve been moving pianos a long time, Over 45 years in fact. Throughout those years we’ve learned what makes a good piano mover. It’s not as simple as you would think. What type of rubber is used to make the wheels on a moving dolly? How is a grand piano properly turned on it’s side? Pads? Plastic wrap? Type of insurance? At Prestige we know the answers to all of these questions and we make sure ALL of our Authorized Piano Movers use the proper methods and equipment necessary.

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Is Your Piano Really Insured?
The Federal Government only requires a furniture mover to maintain insurance coverage at 50¢ per pound. What does that mean for you? It means if a mover destroys your $10,000 upright you’ll get a check for around $200 which probably won’t even cover the cost of the move. So the question “Are you insured?” isn’t as simple as it seems. Don’t be fooled by normal furniture movers! All of our Authorized Piano Movers have special insurance policies written to cover the FULL value of your piano. The insurance policy is then verified every month to make sure it’s active and your piano is covered for what it’s really worth.

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How Much Should It Cost?
Throughout our years of moving piano all around the United States we’ve realized prices completely vary from provider to provider. A lot of this depends on the route a piano moving truck is on as well as their current schedule. That means sometimes a move can be cheaper with a normally more expensive mover. This is why getting quotes from multiple piano movers is so important and why we expanded our network to be able to provide the best prices possible. When you fill out a move request below choose your flexibility so we can get you the best price.

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Comparing Your Quote
We don’t encourage price haggling between movers, our goal is to help find the best price to move your piano between multiple piano movers. This is to help both you and our providers. If a truck happens to be right by your location on a given day that move can be cheaper then driving specifically for you. While some providers choose not to be Authorized by us any of our Authorized Piano Movers will provide the same level of care for your piano. We make sure of it!

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Book Your Piano Move Online!
Fill out a move request below and your quotes will be delivered to your mobile phone via text message. Your information is not given out to anyone unless you choose to book a move. Don’t worry about endless phone calls! We’ll handle everything by text message unless you would like to call us. Once you select a quote you can secure a time slot for your piano move right from your mobile device!

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The Best Piano Movers in Dallas, TX! We offer piano moving to the entire DFW Metroplex and anywhere in great state of Texas!

Whether you’re wanting to move your Grandmother’s 105 year old grand piano to a high-rise in Downtown Dallas or recently purchased a piano that needs to be delivered to Uptown, we’re your guys! We have clients in Highland Park, Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville and all over Texas. Stairs, 2nd floor moves and/or truck load/unloads we’ve done it all! We have providers in all Dallas zip codes including Fair Park area, Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts District, Preston Hollow, and University Park.