Preparing pianos for their next century of service..
What is Piano Restoration?

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Preparing pianos for their next century of service...
What Is Piano Restoration?

My now "new” piano!
“Prestige Piano has just delivered my “rebuilt” baby grand piano. It was over 100 years old and tired of just being tuned. I am amazed at the extent of perfection and astonishing detail that Prestige put into literally rebuilding it. It is especially great to have a service I can depend on and have such confidence. Thank You Prestige!

-Marilyn Novak.
Piano Owner

Wonderful Piano Service!
“Prestige Piano provides wonderful piano service. They are knowledgeable, experienced, conscientious, and professional. My family's approximately 60-year-old Wurlitzer may well last indefinitely under the care and maintenance of Prestige Piano. I can't imagine using any other piano service! Thank you!”

-Tammy Mata
1950 Wurlitzer Piano Owner

Job Well Done!
“Prestige was very informative and helpful. Thanks to them, my old piano that has been in the family for generations is coming back to life and sounding great! I am a piano teacher and I will definitely be recommending Prestige to my students for all of their piano service needs!....”

-Christian Parkess
Piano Owner

My Daughter Loved it!
“We have had a great experience with Prestige Piano! Quality people, and great pianos with personal service! They even took time to teach us more about the Piano - my daughter loved it!”

-Ashley Smith
Piano Owner

Your Piano Has Been Busy...
Your piano has held over 36,000 pounds of string tension it’s entire life. For many of our restoration customers that means for over 100 years. It’s endured horrible changes in temperature and humidity which has caused it’s precious wood frame to expand and contract hundreds of times over. If its been tuned regularly your pin-block may have taken over 50,000 twist of a tuning pin, each time altering the tension it holds. If its been used even 30 minutes a day it’s potentially endured 280 million hammer strikes. All this adds up to a tired worn piano thats not even nearing it’s potential lifespan. That’s where we come in.

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Turning Back Time
Piano we’re actually manufactured better 100 years ago than most are made today. They were built by hand by the men and woman who built industrial America. Craftsmen who actually took pride in their work were gradually replaced by computerized production lines. This being said the few companies left that still produce by hand demand the prices that their rare trade deserves to be paid. For most American family owning one of these pianos is a dream more than a reality. However if you combine the older piano of the day with the craftsmanship of an experienced restoration expert, owning the piano of your dreams can become a reality. This can been done at an affordable price while preserving a piece of American History.

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Our Team
Our team has over 70 years of combined experience. Our lead restoration expert was trained by Steinway in New York and has restored more pianos than most people have lived years. We restore every piano as if it was a piece of art we were going to hang on our own walls. If it leaves our shop it’s an showcase of both artistic talent and engineering excellence. Give us a call today or fill out the form below to learn more about our restoration.

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The Best Piano Restoration Dallas, TX! We offer full piano restoration and rebuilding to the entire DFW Metroplex and anywhere in great state of Texas!

Whether you’re wanting to restore your Grandmother’s 100 year old piano in Downtown Dallas or recently purchased a quality use piano in Uptown we are the people for the job. Highland Park has some great used pianos along with Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville. Many of these pianos can be brought back to life with the touch of a properly trained and experienced Piano Rebuilder. We provide piano pickup service to all Dallas zip codes including Fair Park area, Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts District, Preston Hollow, and University Park.